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The scout camp of Echternach is rented exclusively to scout troops. It consists of a meadow of some 135 Ares, located at the edge of a forest.

The camp, divided into 5 parcels, can be rented in whole. A shelter which can be used as a kitchen is available in subcamp 5.

Campfires are allowed in the different camps, but must be put out before departure. Cooking in the open is only permitted when all security measures are followed. Firewood can be collected in the adjacent forests. The forest being private ownership, it is strictly forbidden to cut trees. Non-compliance to these rules will result in dismissal from the campground. The lavatories are located at the entrance of the camp and have drinking water.


The chalet located in the scout camp can be rented separately. 

The CHALET ROBERT SCHAFFNER  consists of a big room with 20 beds and a smaller one with 8 beds, a living room with tables and chairs ans a fully equipped kitchen (without coffee maker). In front of the chalet there is a covered terrace of 80 m2.

Badges and Sticker

Do you want to have a nice souvenir of your time at Scout Camp Echternach? 

Check out our embroidered badges (no iron-on) and our weatherproof stickers!

Since we only have a limited amount of each in Stock, we ask you kindly to tell us in advance (min. 4 weeks) if you want to purchase a larger amount. Like this we can guarantee you that we will get the merchandise in time.  

Price Badge: 6€ (Ø 7,5cm)

Price Sticker: 4€ (Ø 6cm)​     

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