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Who can make a reservation?


The camping grounds and the chalet are primarily rented out to Scouts. If you are a association or a club you can also make a reservation although it might be that if you are applying on the same period for the same thing as a Scout group the Scouts will be prioritized. Private people may present their booking request. Their stay at our campsite well be authorized or refused based on the local scouting troop's committee's decision.


How many people can stay on the camp site or in the chalet at max?


Chalet -> 28 persons

Camp site -> 200 persons

What happens after filling out the Reservation Form?


After filling out the Reservation Form completely we will e-mail you. We will check the availability of the Campsite and get back to you as soon as possible with the Deposit Information.

What happens if two groups apply for the same period and the same emplacement?


Should two groups apply for the same period and the same emplacement, the first one making the Deposition will be given priority.


What happens after making the Deposition?


After making your Deposition we will e-mail you your Booking Confirmation and any additional information.


Is my reservation valid?


The reservation is only valid, if the “Reservation Form” is complete and after the deposit has been remitted to our bank account.


Are there showers and toilets?


Yes and Yes, But if you are staying on the Campsite you will have to share the toilets and showers with the other groups staying at the Campsite.


Is there access to drinking water?


Yes, there is drinking water access.


Is there electricity?


There is electricity in the Chalet but not on the Campsite itself. We are providing though the option of a fridge which you have to share with the other groups. It is forbidden to bring an electric generator.


Where can I park my car?


If you are renting the Chalet, there is parking straight behind it. If you are staying on the Campsite, it is strictly forbidden to park your car on the campsite itself. There are marked parking spots around. Please let us know, with how many cars you will be arriving.


Are campfires allowed?


Campfires are allowed. There is a spot on every campsite. Cooking in the open is only permitted when all security measures are followed. Hence please bring a fire extinguisher. A shelter, which can be used as a kitchen, is available in Camp 5. Firewood can be collected by dead wood in the adjacent forests. The forest being private ownership, it is strictly forbidden to cut trees. The fire must be put out before departure. Of course you can also bring your own firewood and in case you need more, please let us know. Regarding construction wood, please bring your own.


How far away is Echternach?


Distance from the campsite to Echternach is 1,5 km and there is a bus station next to the Campsite.

If there are any further question, feel free to e-mail us!

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